Become a Contractor

Over the past 15 years the IBEW has experienced many changes. We understand that as an organization we are only as successful as our signatory contractors.  We work with our signatory contractors to ensure they are competitive in both the prevailing wage and private sectors of the electrical industry.  Some of the benefits of becoming a signatory contractor include:

  • Skilled and highly trained workforce
  • Classifications and wages for both prevailing wage and private work. (JW to Electrical Trainee)
  • Ability to hire and layoff at a moment’s notice
  • Drug free workforce
  • The ability to participate in our health and pension benefits
  • Access for all your electricians to take CEU’s at our Apprenticeship.
  • It’s only a one-time fee of $100 for access to all of our benefits rather than paying an annual “dues” based on the amount of work you do.

Get your job done right the first time!