IBEW Local 440 Member Dispatch Page

Inside dispatch is complete

Last Inside long call went to #134 on Book 1

We have 1 unfilled Sound short call

We have for dispatch on Tuesday 5/22/18

1 JW long call (3-4 weeks). Report after dispatch. 7am start. Contractor is LEED. Job site is Flagler Wells in Corona. They ask that you bring a voided check for direct deposit. Job requires valid dl, ss card, and CA State Cert.

1 Sound Installer short call (2 days). Report on Wed 5/23. 8am start. Contractor is Enterprise Security. Job site is Riverside COE Learning Center in Perris. Job requires valid dl, and ss card.

Inside Book 1-179 JW.....Inside Book 2-30 JW

Sound Book 1- 5 Installers......Sound Book 2- 4 Installers

We have for dispatch on Monday 5/21/18

2 JW long calls (6mo- 1yr). Report on Tuesday 5/22. 6am start. Contractor is Morrow-Meadows. Job site is Kaiser Riverside. This job REQUIRES a Kaiser Health Screen. Once the Health Screen is passed, this call will move to a 4-10 shift, working the hours of 8pm-6:30am. This job also requires OSHA-30 , valid dl, ss card, and CA State Cert.

177 JW-Book 1

30 JW-Book 2