IBEW Local 440 Member Dispatch Page

Some of our members need to learn to have a little more respect for the girls in the office. They do alot for you guys. We have had a few guys "bitching" and using foul language towards the girls this week because they missed re-sign. Guess what...re-sign is your responsibility, If you miss it that's your problem not the girls. If you come in and say you think its "bullshit" because you missed resign by 2 days, to bad. If you miss re-sign and come in and say "I've been a member for years, to bad. When you sign the book everyone is handed a re-sign sheet with the dispatch rules, please read them. Re-sign is between the 10th-16th of every month, its been that way for over a year. So again when speaking with the girls show them the respect they deserve.

Dispatch calls for Friday 12-20-13

we have 1 JW short call for SAGE Electric in Palm Desert. (2 weeks) to report on Monday 12-23-13 at 6:00 a.m.
We have 156 JW on book one.
we have 461 JW on book two.

Calls dispatched on Tuesday 12-17-13

the long call for Enterprise went to # 52 on book one.
the long calls for Klondyke went to # 48 on book one.
the short calls for TTRS went to # 99 on book one.

we now only have 138 on book one due to resign. if you did not resign, you have been removed from the book.