Get Involved

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting – First Friday of every month at 6 pm. It will be the most important to attend and you will need a current dues receipt to be admitted. This is your opportunity, as a rank and file member to hear about and have a say in the business of the local.


V.O.L.T (Volunteer Organizers of the Locals Transformation

IBEW #440's Activism Inventive Program

Through this program you earn “VOLTs” for each event that you participate in. VOLTS can be used to redeem VOLT swag (examples… T-shirts, bandannas, pint glasses, face masks ). These items are not available for purchase and can only be acquired using VOLTs.

To register, contact:

Venessa Ingalls – (951) 522-7660



Reach Out & Engage Next Generation of Electrical Workers

This is our young workers group, ran by members 35 years old and under. This group is used to engage and create leadership opportunities for our younger members.

Meeting are usually the first Friday of every month at 5pm.

Current Chair is Colton Torrez      (951) 519-9663

Mentor Program

Program connecting our newer members with those already established. This helps our members build a network throughout their first years in the union.
This program hosts “Mentor Meet Ups” twice a month.

Rick Hockwarth –    951-236-6331   or

***Monthly Mentor Meet Ups

****Second Saturday Social- This is the monthly social space created for our mentor program. Typically focused around building solidarity within our mentors/mentees, membership, local & union.

Held on the second Saturday of every month At 5pm

****Fourth Friday Skill Building – This is the monthly space created to allow our mentors/ mentees and members to get one on one time to focus on building skills. Including everything from hands on pipe bending to leadership and brotherhood. Held the Fourth Friday of every month at 5pm

EMWC SoCal Chapter

EWMC SoCal Chapter (Electrical Workers Minority Caucus) Our Southern California Minority Workers groups is very active with volunteer projects in various communities throughout SoCal. Dates vary.
Venessa Ingalls –   951-522-7660    or

Local Clubs

Reach out at

Poker Club

Jeff 'Duff' Dickenson

Phone: 909-578-9137

Gun Club

Geoff Drennan

Phone: 951-314-9688

440 R⚡️ders

Tom Morgan

Phone: 760-223-9128

Off Road Club

Danny "Double" Luther

Phone: 951-204-4098

L.U. 440 Veteran's Club

Rick Hockwarth

Phone: 951-236-6331

Fishing Club

Sayam Naphosaysavath

Phone: 951-577-9975

Softball Team

Rick Hockwarth

Phone: 951-236-6331

Golf Club

Mario Garcia

Phone: 760-397-3279

Flag Football Team

Rick Hockwarth

Phone: 951-236-6331

IBEW 440 Support Group

Jason McCabe