IBEW Local 440 Member Dispatch Page

We have NO CALLS for dispatch on Friday 4/20/18

170 JW-Book 1

40 JW-Book 2

***REMINDER*** Next Saturday, 4/28/18 @ 8am. We will be holding a Code of Excellence class at the Hall. Please contact the office if you want to get signed up.

We have for dispatch on Wednesday 4/18/18

1 JW long call (2 months). Report after dispatch. 6am start. Contractor is Davis Electric. Job site is Palm Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant. This is Industrial. They ask that you bring a voided check for direct deposit. Job requires valid dl, ss card, and CA State Cert.

We dispatched a foreman to IDL. That call went to #84 on Book 1

169 JW-Book 1

37 JW-Book 2

Dispatch for Tuesday April 17th 2018

Sorry to report we have no calls to dispatch for Tuesday.  We currently have 183 JWs on book 1, please check back tomorrow after 5:00 pm for calls to be dispatched on Wednesday.  Thank you and have a good night.