IBEW Local 440 Member Dispatch Page

Dispatch for Monday April 22nd 2019

We have for dispatch on Monday, 1 JW to report after dispatch, length of call is a short call, contractor is Big Bear Electric, job location is EMWD well #94 in Nuevo, and you will be reporting to Shawn Swocoda, this is ocal and control work.  Valid driver's license, social security card, a CA state certification, & local 440 drug test are required.  We currently have 174 JWs on book 1 and 17 JWs on book 2.  Short calls will begin at #138 .  Thank you and have a blessed weekend!

Dispatch for Friday April 19th, 2019

Sorry to report we have no calls to dispatch for Friday April 19th.  We currently have 172 JWs on book 1 and 17 JWs on book 2.  Please check back tomorrow after 5:00 pm for calls to be dispatched on Monday.  Thank you and have a blessed night. 

Dispatch is complete for Wednesday 4/17/19

Last JW long call went to #8 on Book 2

1 JW signed in for dispatch

170 JW-Book 1

17 JW-Book 2

***All Sound Installer calls have been filled.***

We have for dispatch on Wednesday 4/17/19

1 JW long call (1 month +). Report after dispatch. 6:30am start. Contractor is Davis Electric. Job site is a booster station in Desert Hot Springs. This is industrial work. You must be able to run 3" & 4" ocal. There is an on site drug test. Job requires valid dl, ss card, and CA State Cert.

192 JW-Book 1

29 JW-Book 2

***We still have 1 unfilled Sound Installer long call for Morrow-Meadows in Riverside***